The TME-registry is the first global production database for the

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition and was

created by Stefanos Georgiou.

Stefanos has developed a passion about road rally cars with a

special love for Evos. When he finally owned an Evolution VI

Tommi Makinen Edition RS, he was amazed by its performance

and wanted to learn everything about these cars, he began to

collect information from databases worldwide.

Taking the production data from each individual VIN number

world wide managing to find the difference's between them such

as: types, colors, version, specifications, options, technical

specifications depending on which countries it was intended for.

After a lot of research he managed to collect all the data and make

these lists.

So now it's easy for anyone to find Evo TME information even for

every individual car just by their VIN number.

At first this information was hosted on the GTR-registry (special

thanks) untilthe page wasmade and published.