GSR – RS Japan

Model Code
Tommi Makinen GSR412455145644011202443020
With DecalsSNGF2000644000644
Without DecalsSNGF4124551450011202442376
Tommi Makinen RSSNDF101*021600218
Tommi Makinen Japan Total41345514664421611202443238

* Paint type listed as R71, defaulted to R71H.

9 cars listed as Frame colour ZZZ, paint type and model code in (brackets).
CP9A-0200001 - (W83, SNDF)
CP9A-0200002 - (W83, SNDF)
CP9A-0200003 - (W83, SNGF)
CP9A-0200004 - (W83, SNGF)
CP9A-0200005 - (W83, SNDF)
CP9A-0200006 - (R71, SNGF)
CP9A-0200007 - (R71, SNGF2)
CP9A-0202027 - (A69, SNDF)
CP9A-0203315 - (R71, SNDF)

Note: UK Ralliart cars start with Japanese VIN and so are in this table. It is not possible to tell which cars were exported to UK.
Search the last 6 digits of the VIN or use the format CP9A-02####.